Monday, 22 March 2010

Site upgrade

We have put up the next version of the website today and would like to thank all of you for your feedback todate. This latest verison has saveral improvements under the hood, a host of new features and much better back end administration for us.
Already we have serveral new recruters/employers waiting to come onboard, and have introduced 3rd party jobs, via rss feeds, to help you centralise all your job searching. The shop is now back online with a limited product selection while we update some of the ebooks and materials. Currently payment is via Paypal only with the Netbanx intergration due soon. So would your CV past the 30second test
As always your feedback is very much welcome as we want to build the website to be so much more than a jobs board. What features do we need? Contact us!


  1. I guess, mine couldn't. I wouldn't even try because the result is so obvious.

  2. Yass! Love the whole content of this article. Thanks

  3. This is great! It must be better than before and it must have more feature! Thanks!