Wednesday 21 April 2010

April update

Upgrades upgrade upgrades, we are still listening and working on the site. Although you won't see many changes there is a lot of the admin side of things and also for Employers and Recruiters that we have updated. Our biggest challenge is the sheer amount of webpages from the old website that we still need to convert to our CMS system! At present we are probably at about 25% of the original content but pushing forward and moving it over, updating and checking it. We have some great new ideas that we want to add as well, but it's just a case of getting back to capacity and adding them. Hopefully the next version of the site should be online soon(tm!) Have you taken the 2010 MBA salary survey? After the huge success of the 2003 survey, we are now following up with a 2010 survey, so PLEASE click here to take the survey.