Sunday 21 February 2010

MBA Job Outlook Improving (Business week)

Recruiters are skittish and the job market is more competitive than ever, but career services directors say 2010 may be the year of the turnaround.

This year's class of MBAs arrived on campus in September expecting a challenging fall recruiting season and now many are bracing themselves for an even tougher spring ahead. One of them is Aashini Shah, an MBA student looking for a job in the entertainment industry, who is feeling the pressure because most movie studios and entertainment companies don't hire until the spring. To get an edge, she's spent every spare moment she has networking with alumni, going on informational interviews, and keeping in touch with the contacts she made last summer, she says.

"It is slightly nerve-wracking now in the sense that there are only going to be so many positions available and that there are many people from the class of '09 that are still unemployed," says Shah, 29, a second-year student at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business (Marshall Full-Time MBA Profile), who interned at Disney (DIS) last summer. "Not only will you be vying with your own classmates, but you are vying with the class behind you for the same job."

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Monday 15 February 2010


Well data conversion seemed to run well, bar one minor issue, but I won't go into details. However the site is now running well in the new relaunch beta phase. Feedback has been good and all comments are welcome! We are of course still adding old content, and some new, and are working to bring back the services and ebook we have to offer.

There are many new features we wish to bring in to the website but as is so often the case we are only human and can only go at human speed.

Wednesday 3 February 2010

New site - 5th Feb 2010

It has not been without it's problems, but on Friday we will be launching with the new MBAmatch website. We won't be quite at full power, and there is a lot of content to move over still. However we will be open to ideas, suggestions and improvements we can make on the website.

This involves a large amount of data conversion, as well as host and DNS modifications, but all going well there should be no major downtime. We do intend over the following few months to make further improvements and extend the MBAmatch network so stick close!